Walking Survey / Service Line Survey

Benefits include: Increased productivity of service line surveyors. Time savings for inspectors and supervisors. Reduced errors and enhanced data quality. Surveyors can easily select and manage services right on their smartphone. Enhanced GIS data quality on services using GPS tagging. Background Gas utilities are required to periodically survey gas service lines for leaks by “walking”…
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Gas Quality Assurance (QA) Inspection Manager App

Benefits include: Managers gain full QA program visibility across the lifecycle and real-time inspection management through the QA dashboard by job order, contractor and project/job location. Virtually eliminate manual data entry with GPS location tracking, while ensuring inspection findings and work instructions are shared and acknowledged appropriately. Provide insights into contractor QA performance over time….
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Gas Maintenance Activity Card

Benefits include: Instant job updates with photos for operations staff. Enhanced multi-visit job handling, improved technician coordination and shortened time to repair. Save technician time spent looking up or updating service records. Create instant job visibility, reducing mistakes or omissions. Maintain a visual, photo-based timeline of each service referral. Enhance GIS data quality on services…
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Cathodic Protection (CP) Manager / Corrosion Protection

Benefits include: Improved management visibility of the CP program enterprise-wide. Time savings for inspectors and supervisors. Reduced errors and enhanced data quality. A shift in focus of the CP program from reactive to proactive. Simplified CP program rollout and administration. Background Gas utilities use electrical cathodic protection (CP) to prevent corrosion of metal mains and…
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Supervisor Job Observation Reporting (SJOR) & Tailboard

Benefits include: Better compliance with SJOR and tailboard processes. Suitable for roll-out to employees and contractors. Field-verified documentation of compliance with signatures. Better management visibility. QA Performance management. Background Electric and gas safety tailboards and supervisor job observation reporting (SJOR) are keys to ensuring workplace safety at electric and gas utilities. The Problem Paper-based SJOR…
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First Responder

Benefits include: Instant situational awareness: Operations center and front-line supervisors get “eyes on” the situation with photos and exact GPS location of the damage. Significant community relations benefits, enabling first responders in towns and municipalities to provide early damage assessment directly to the utility. The app eliminates wasted time and resources, while streamlining the utility’s…
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Crew Tracker

Benefits include: Track crews as they: accept a utility assignment; make their way to the utility work center or staging area; and remain there for the duration of the repair work or outage event. Simplify and eliminate manual time sheet verification. Automatically track and record crew/crew foreman location at configurable intervals (every 1 to 15…
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Nextera Energy

“Power outages affect every sector of the economy. iRestore’s real-time location-based image capture with supervisory command and control make it a unique mobile solution to a complex utility problem.”

iRestore App