Nextera Energy

“Power outages affect every sector of the economy. iRestore’s real-time location-based image capture with supervisory command and control make it a unique mobile solution to a complex utility problem.”

National Grid – Chris Latessa

“[iRestore First Responder] was a great advantage getting the secondary crews dispatched and responding almost 40 minutes prior to our Trouble Worker arriving on scene; it prevented National Grid from creating an outage.”

Wire Guard App

Benefits include: Easy management of downed power lines using the smartphone app for wire guards and iPad app for wire guard captains. Allows wire guards to provide photos for visual analysis of the scene. Wire guard captains save time and make quicker decisions because they can prioritize and manage without necessarily driving to each location…
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Visual Damage Assessment

Benefits include: The app simplifies damage assessment using a graphical, iconic app, making it easy for users to gather critical information on system damage during a major event. It provides the critical base of information needed for effective response and repair. The DA app works whether online or offline. Employees and contractors can download the…
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Benefits include: Making it easy for the utility control room to verify technician location prior to executing a switching order. Reducing the probability of switching errors. Enhanced switching safety. Enhanced visibility and efficiency in the switching order assignment process. Background Hundreds of times each year, technicians operate the wrong switch, creating the potential for an…
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Switch Maintenance

Benefits include: More intelligent troubleshooting. Faster problem resolution. Reduced cost of operation. Reduced time that equipment is out of service. Background Switch and recloser maintenance often requires heavy shipping, returns or field service. The Problem Simple mis-configurations of in-service equipment are difficult for manufacturers to troubleshoot, leading to difficult service and repair logistics for a…
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Supervisor Job Observation Reporting (SJOR) & Tailboard

Benefits include: Better compliance with SJOR and tailboard processes. Suitable for roll-out to employees and contractors. Field-verified documentation of compliance with signatures. Better management visibility. QA Performance management. Background Electric and gas safety tailboards and supervisor job observation reporting (SJOR) are keys to ensuring workplace safety at electric and gas utilities. The Problem Paper-based SJOR…
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Streetlight App

Benefits include: Fast and easy reporting of malfunctioning street lights. Records time and precise GPS location of the problematic light. May be used to look-up the affected pole in the utility asset database. Easy follow-up by streetlight service crews. Background Many utilities continue to own and operate streetlights within cities that they serve. The Problem…
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Rapid Damage Assessment

Benefits include: The ability to quickly tally pole, wire and tree-related damage after the storm. Conducts a rapid sweep of utility service territory subject to damage, to ascertain the nature and extent of the damage. Creation of a rapid view of system-wide damage. Drop GPS breadcrumbs for each damage type. Helps with computation of global…
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First Responder Report Viewer

Benefits include: In-app notifications replace “noisy” texts and emails. View high-resolution photos of the damage in the field directly on a smartphone (“eyes on”). See the exact location on the map, zoom and pan and get directions. Directly call the appropriate first responder from the app. Toggle between list and map views, with the ability…
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iRestore App