National Grid Launches First Responder App from iRestore

Get a glimpse of how utilities, first responders and communities all benefit from the iRestore First Responder App.

Video Transcript
Brought to you by National Grid

A recently released app, launched by National Grid, will give police and fire departments the capability to report gas and electric problems.

This is a first in the country that a utility has created an app like this and provided it to the first responders.

The app, called First Responder, allows first responders to take photos and send them to National Grid, which will speed up the time it takes to fix the problem. Michael McCallan, the Vice President of Emergency Planning for National Grid, knew there had to be a way for police, firefighters and his workers to see the damage before heading to the scene.

By having this app and this tool that first responders use to take pictures, gives us eyes in the field.

The app not only benefits the workers out in the field, it also benefits the community where the damage has occurred.

Whether it’s a pole down across the street or a large tree blocking traffic, now we have better situational awareness with what’s going on.

And when it does, National Grid advises customers to assume all downed wires are energized even if your lights are out. And call 911 or National Grid to report it. For more information on the free app or safety tips go to

By having a picture we can see the equipment that’s on it, the size of the pole typically or the location of it. And again, it helps us respond better.

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