iRestore First Responder App Licensed by Unitil

The process first responders will go through when using the iRestore First Responders app to instantly report electric or gas damage to Unitil. This is now available for first responders (firefighters & police officers) in Unitil territory (NH & MA) to download and use.

Video Transcript
This app is extremely easy to use. By using the First Responder app this allows us to send more accurate information to Unitil so they can respond in a more timely fashion. In addition to that, they’re able to take those photographs and put it on their social media to show residents, people that may travel in that particular area, safety hazards that are existing, and what local first responders are dealing with. My name is Donald Briggs. I am the Chief of Police of Kingston, New Hampshire. I am also one of the emergency management directors for Kingston.

It’s a great app because it gives you the exact location. We found it was a better tool for Unitil because when the trucks were coming to the field to repair the damages, they actually had more of the right equipment because they could look at the photos we were giving them. It helps them restore the power to the residents a lot faster. The app helps my officers and keeps my community safe and aware.

As a first responder in Unitil service territory, you’ll be able to download the app directly onto your iOS or Android device. Once you’re signed up and approved by Unitil, you’ll be able to start using the app. As part of your job, you might come across an electrical hazard that needs to be reported to the company such as a downed power line, a broken pole or other damaged equipment. Once you’ve called Unitil to notify them of the incident, you can use the First Responder app and the corresponding icons to take a picture of the type of damage. From a safe position, at least 30 feet away, take a photo of the damage. The app will automatically geotag your location. Then just fill out a quick form with some additional information and hit submit. Information provided through the First Responder apps help Unitil determine the appropriate resources to send to the field. As an iRestore First Responder user, you’re Unitil’s eyes on the ground, helping us maintain our infrastructure and helping to keep our community safe.

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