iRestore First Responder App Licensed by Liberty Utilities

First responders (fire and police) can now instantly report electric or gas damage to Liberty Utilities. The mobile app is now free for first responders in Liberty Utilities’ territory (NH) to download and use. Watch the below video to learn more.

Video Transcript
Have you experienced a power outage? Many of us have. But understanding what caused the lights to go out can be difficult. Without accurate information on damage, outages can take much longer to resolve. Utility crews and trucks can go to the wrong location or arrive without the right materials. Introducing First Responder. First Responder is an easy to use mobile app brought to you by Liberty Utilities and iRestore. First responders, fire and police use it to help the utility quickly pinpoint damage, prioritize response and perform repairs. Here’s how. First, a fireman touches the smartphone app to report damage to the utility. Second, a utility dispatcher instantly gets eyes on the scene. And third, the utility sends the right truck and crew to the GPS location. First Responder saves the utility time and money, improves customer satisfaction and enables community engagement. Get the app. Search for iRestore First Responder.

iRestore App