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National Grid, Ware Fire Dept. develop app to be used during emergencies

Take a look at how the innovative app for electric utilities came to be. With the help of National Grid and a local fire department, the iRestore First Responder App came to light.

Video Transcript
Use of smartphone technology will help National Grid cope with emergencies here in Western Massachusetts. National Grid and the Ware Fire Department today unveiled a new app. The utility would get an immediate picture of emergency, storm damage or traffic accident affecting their service. The Ware Fire Department helped develop this improved communication link.

We were kind of the inspiration for it. On time during an accident we had come to. And I happen to have a card for a National Grid supervisor in my hand and I said ‘What if I snap this picture and send it to him? Do you think you needed to be here?’ And it worked out. Sounds pretty good. National Grid serves 49 communities in Western Massachusetts.

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