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“For me, phones are a no-brainer. It’s a $1,200 computer everyone has in their pocket”

- Peter Chivers, Corrosion Engineer, Liberty Utilities

“Having that information coming back from our inspectors in real time has been a tremendous benefit. This app has been life-changing for me,”

- Paul Shea, Program Manager, Quality Management, Liberty Utilities

“We were looking for a platform to manage our Quality Management process focusing on oversight, documentation & compliance. The paper had become overwhelming. We wanted (a platform) where we can see it all, learn from it and manage it”

- Rich Macdonald, Vice President, Operations, Liberty Utilities

“…The app helps Unitil determine the appropriate resources to send to the field… helping us maintain our infrastructure and keep the community safe.”

- Jacklyn Ulban, Manager, Business Resiliency & Compliance, Unitil

“Power outages affect every sector of the economy. iRestore’s real-time location-based image capture with supervisory command and control make it a unique mobile solution to a complex utility problem.”

- Christopher Bennett, Former Executive Vice President, Nextera Energy

“This is a very user friendly app… Public safety officials are first on the scene of most utility related emergencies from downed utility poles and wires. This First Responder app will aid in the prompt remediation and service restoration involving utility emergencies.”

- Chief William Lyver, Northborough, MA Police Department

“[iRestore First Responder] was a great advantage getting the secondary crews dispatched and responding almost 40 minutes prior to our Trouble Worker arriving on scene; it prevented National Grid from creating an outage.”

- Chris Latessa, Overhead Supervisor, National Grid

“We tested the iRestore First Responder mobile app with some of our community fire departments and the feedback was so positive that we deployed the app across our entire service territory in three states… It’s simple and it works!”

- Michael McCallan, Vice President of Emergency Planning & Business Resilience, National Grid
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