Wire Guard App

Automatically track and display wire guard locations on a portal-based map of the utility’s service territory.

Benefits include:

  • Easy management of downed power lines using the smartphone app for wire guards and iPad app for wire guard captains.
  • Allows wire guards to provide photos for visual analysis of the scene.
  • Wire guard captains save time and make quicker decisions because they can prioritize and manage without necessarily driving to each location to make an assessment.
  • More efficient use of make-safe crews.
  • Utilities can easily track wire guard location and calculate their arrival at the assigned location automatically.
  • Near real-time views of user location, color-coded for user status.
  • Wire guards can: check-in upon arriving at their assigned wire guarding locations; view safety and equipment checklists and training videos; request relief and communicate with the wire guard captain; and check-out with the wire guard captain prior to leaving the scene of the downed wire.


Electrical wires and power lines downed in a storm represent major safety hazards for residents in the community, yet managing downed wires down can be an overwhelming logistical challenge in a major storm.

The Problem

Utilities often encounter duplication of tickets and wire guards standing by wires that are a low priority, while others of a high priority are left unattended. This exposes the public to life-threatening safety hazards.

The Solution

The iRestore Wire Guard application for electric utilities is a smartphone app and web portal for smartphones that automatically tracks and displays wire guard locations on a portal-based map of the utility’s service territory. Users simply download the app, launch when ready, and press one button to signal they are on their way to a downed power line or designated 911 call location. On receipt of this signal from the user device, the app tracks user location and applies a number of near real-time geo-coded business rules, driven by the location of active users. A separate Wire Guard Captain app then allows wire guard captains to manage the work assignments of all the wire guards reporting to them.

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