Walking Survey / Service Line Survey

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Underground leak surveyors can easily select, inspect and record a service leak survey using GPS location data right on their smartphone with the Walking Survey app.

Benefits include:

  • Increased productivity of service line surveyors.
  • Time savings for inspectors and supervisors.
  • Reduced errors and enhanced data quality.
  • Surveyors can easily select and manage services right on their smartphone.
  • Enhanced GIS data quality on services using GPS tagging.


Gas utilities are required to periodically survey gas service lines for leaks by “walking” the service line. Utilities may be required to survey 33% of all residential gas services and 100% of all business district and public building gas services for leaks by a utility employee or contractor on foot.

The Problem

Every walking survey is captured on a paper form, which must then be transcribed and recorded manually. In many cases, service lines may not be mapped, requiring leak surveyors to “walk the service” in a Z or X zigzag pattern. Documenting this survey can be time consuming but may still generate inaccurate or incomplete data about completed surveys. Proof of inspection is still difficult since the survey cannot be verified.

The Solution

The Walking Survey app makes it easy for an underground leak surveyor to select, inspect and record a service leak survey using GPS location data right on their smartphone. The app imports all of a utility’s assets from their GIS system or asset management system of record. Using the app, a leak surveyor can cache and view all assets for a particular town or neighborhood, or select by service number in a map or list view with filters. They can then survey the service, while the app records their GPS “breadcrumbs” and saves them to the survey record.

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