Visual Damage Assessment

Takes your utility’s damage assessment process and automate it, using a simple, graphical app designed for smartphones and iPads.

Benefits include:

  • The app simplifies damage assessment using a graphical, iconic app, making it easy for users to gather critical information on system damage during a major event.
  • It provides the critical base of information needed for effective response and repair.
  • The DA app works whether online or offline.
  • Employees and contractors can download the app to their smartphones and use it in minutes.
  • It can be integrated with a utility’s overhead asset management/GIS system, if required.
  • The app can be used to plan response, procure needed materials and estimate and requisition the human resources needed to repair damage.


Once damage to a utility’s system occurs and causes an outage, the utility can quickly determine which customers are out of power. The much more difficult and intractable problem, however, is determining why those customers do not have power. This is where the utility’s damage assessment (DA) process comes in.

The Problem

Many damage assessment apps currently on the market are difficult to use, require specialized hardware, and/or do not work without a constant internet connection. Many utilities revert to paper during large events, because the logistics of providing devices and software to a mixed group of damage assessors (including utility employees and contractors) is too difficult to manage. Recognizing this need, iRestore’s Visual Damage Assessment app offers a more robust solution, taking the utility’s damage assessment process and automating it, using a simple, graphical app designed for smartphones and iPads. Damage assessors in the field simply download the app directly from the Apple app store and the Google play store, with app permissions set in the admin portal by the utility administrator.

The Solution

Visual DA provides a much more detailed, granular level of damage assessment than the First Responder app. Designed for use by a utility’s own personnel, the unique approach of this application is that it can be used by utility personnel who are qualified electrical personnel and also by employees who are not electrically qualified. Surveyors are assigned a geo-fenced region representing one or more feeder circuits which they must patrol to catalog detailed damage reports. As V-DA users complete their assessments, office-based personnel can use the EOC web console to view the damage reports in near real time to analyze the damage populating the information on a map as points of damage within the assigned geo-fenced feeders.

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