Benefits include:

  • Making it easy for the utility control room to verify technician location prior to executing a switching order.
  • Reducing the probability of switching errors.
  • Enhanced switching safety.
  • Enhanced visibility and efficiency in the switching order assignment process.


Hundreds of times each year, technicians operate the wrong switch, creating the potential for an injury or fatality and an accompanying outage.

The Problem

The SwitchID app aims to reduce the incidence of switching errors where technicians operate the incorrect device, either on a pole or in a substation.

The Solution

iRestore’s SwitchID is a complete location-based solution for technician location verification, switch order verification and for overall switch order management. On a pole, the app utilizes GIS geo-fencing, OCR and bar codes, whereas in a substation it relies on bar codes and Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

The solution also incorporates a web portal to view and confirm technician location and to assign switching orders from the control center. The SwitchID app utilizes GPS location of the technician on their smartphone, automatically alerting them upon arrival at the correct device location. SwitchID also includes web-based user and admin portals designed for control center users to use at a workstation console, where connectivity is much more reliable. The SwitchID portal includes map and list views, together with filtering and reporting capability.

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