Supervisor Job Observation Reporting (SJOR) & Tailboard

Benefits include:

  • Better compliance with SJOR and tailboard processes.
  • Suitable for roll-out to employees and contractors.
  • Field-verified documentation of compliance with signatures.
  • Better management visibility.
  • QA Performance management.


Electric and gas safety tailboards and supervisor job observation reporting (SJOR) are keys to ensuring workplace safety at electric and gas utilities.

The Problem

Paper-based SJOR and tailboards have limited compliance, and no management visibility or control.

The Solution

Witness the future: iRestore’s SJOR & Tailboard app is a unique smartphone solution with notes and audio comments capability that takes crew leaders, crew members and supervisors through the tailboard and SJOR digitally and right on a smartphone, with signoff documented right in the app on the phone.

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