Rapid Damage Assessment

Benefits include:

  • The ability to quickly tally pole, wire and tree-related damage after the storm.
  • Conducts a rapid sweep of utility service territory subject to damage, to ascertain the nature and extent of the damage.
  • Creation of a rapid view of system-wide damage.
  • Drop GPS breadcrumbs for each damage type.
  • Helps with computation of global estimated time of restoration (ETR) from the utility outage.


Shortly after a storm hits and an outage occurs, utility executives are called on to brief emergency managers and elected officials on estimated time of restoration (ETR). In order to do this, they must conduct a rapid sweep of their system, to understand the extent of the damage and any outages.

The Problem

Rapidly assessing damage and generating a global ETR is extremely difficult in the absence of reliable information on damage and outages across the utility’s system.

The Solution

iRestore’s Rapid Damage Assessment (DA) app offers simplified “drive-by” DA, enabling utility damage assessors to generate a very rapid, “bird’s eye” view of the damage and outages. This, in turn, allows the iRestore platform to compute a high-level estimate of the effort required to restore service to affected customers. Designed for use in the passenger seat of a utility rapid damage surveyor vehicle, the app can help a utility gain invaluable information about system status in the first, critical hours of an outage event.

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