Gas/Water Quality Assurance (QA) Inspection Manager App

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Benefits include:

  • Managers gain full QA program visibility across the lifecycle and real-time inspection management through the QA dashboard by job order, contractor and project/job location.
  • Virtually eliminate manual data entry with GPS location tracking, while ensuring inspection findings and work instructions are shared and acknowledged appropriately.
  • Provide insights into contractor QA performance over time.
  • Save supervisors’ and contractors’ time documenting inspections.
  • Reduce the risk of mistakes or omissions in work instruction handoff between utility supervisors and contractor personnel.


As water and gas utilities deal with increased construction (or replacement) of gas mains and service lines, administering the utility’s comprehensive Quality Assurance (QA)/Quality Management (QM) program becomes increasingly difficult. Utilities must ensure that contractors performing work have the required operational qualifications, and job sites must be inspected prior to, during and on completion of construction. Any deficiencies found must be handed off in writing to the contractor personnel working on the project. Work stoppage may be ordered.

The Problem

Inspection coordination required between utility supervisors and contractor personnel using paper-based forms creates the potential for gaps in information “hand-off,” resulting in non-compliance, construction quality issues or safety hazards not being recognized until very late in the construction lifecycle. Inspections may start prior to construction, then continue periodically during construction, culminating in a post-construction walkthrough inspection. Contractor personnel may not be aware of work instructions provided during an inspection, resulting in non-compliant construction.

The Solution

Our role-based, location-aware QA Manager app enables utility supervisors to conduct pre-, during- and post-construction inspections, while contractor crew leaders can view work instructions and submit their own walkthrough inspections. With our utility inspection app deficiencies may be flagged, automatically triggering notifications, and work stoppage may be ordered if serious deficiencies are found. Operator Qualifications (OQ) may be checked via QR codes on the technician’s badge. Our web portal for office-based managers also allows total inspection workflow management. A visual inspection timeline makes it easy to view all related inspections for each job conducted during each phase.

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