Repair Activity Manager

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Benefits include:

  • Instant job updates with photos for operations staff.
  • Enhanced multi-visit job handling, improved technician coordination and shortened time to repair.
  • Save technician time spent looking up or updating service records.
  • Create instant job visibility, reducing mistakes or omissions.
  • Maintain a visual, photo-based timeline of each service referral.
  • Enhance GIS data quality on services using GPS tagging.


As gas utilities and water utilities deal with complex service referrals or leaks, multiple technicians must visit the job location to complete the work and close out the job. This often requires coordination between multiple departments and/or external contractors.

The Problem

Poor coordination can often delay completion or introduce risks of omission or error. Technicians often do not have access to prior work records or follow-up work records.

The Solution

With iRestore’s Repair Activity Manager app, technicians can instantly update, view or create yellow cards, capturing location-based maintenance activity. It is a simple, card-based app that allows technicians and supervisors to quickly view updates from the job location and manage, schedule or complete follow-up work, while viewing images and real-time updates from the work location. Instant updates automatically replicate yellow cards with photos across all operations mobile devices in real-time. It eliminates the need to continuously “sync” to stay up to date.

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