First Responder

First responders report grid damage, sending the exact location and photos to the utility.

Benefits include:

  • Instant situational awareness: Operations center and front-line supervisors get “eyes on” the situation with photos and exact GPS location of the damage.
  • Significant community relations benefits, enabling first responders in towns and municipalities to provide early damage assessment directly to the utility.
  • The app eliminates wasted time and resources, while streamlining the utility’s response to outage-causing damage to the electric grid.
  • First responders save time by making it easy for them to report damage directly to utility operations personnel.
  • “Eyes on” allows experienced utility supervisors to dispatch the right resources.
  • Automated recommended prioritization and routing of notifications.


Municipal first responders (fire and police) are often first on the scene when grid damage is reported. They secure the area and stand by, relying on two-way radio and phone calls to notify the utility, an error- and delay-prone process.

The Problem

The first responder must radio the 911 dispatcher, who in turn calls the utility damage reporting line. Eventually, an event is reported to operations, who rolls a utility “troubleshooter” truck to the scene to assess damage. This communication “daisy-chain” can delay utility response and repair by precious minutes or even hours because it can take much longer to dispatch the resources needed to perform the needed repairs.

The Solution

iRestore’s First Responder App is a simple smartphone app that first responders use to report grid damage, sending the exact location and photos to the utility. The app automatically senses location and damage type and routes and notifies the appropriate utility operations center and field personnel via text, in-app notification or email. It includes configurable roles and notifications, and a real-time web portal showing all reports in list and map views, with the ability to pan, zoom and select individual reports to view details and download full-resolution images. See how National Grid is using this popular app to the benefit of the communities they serve.

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