First Responder Report Viewer

Benefits include:

  • In-app notifications replace “noisy” texts and emails.
  • View high-resolution photos of the damage in the field directly on a smartphone (“eyes on”).
  • See the exact location on the map, zoom and pan and get directions.
  • Directly call the appropriate first responder from the app.
  • Toggle between list and map views, with the ability to sort, filter and search.


Utility crew supervisors and management who do not have access to a PC-based web portal or software program need real-time “eyes on the scene.”

The Problem

Utility crew supervisors and their crews need to know which field problems have been reported. Whether a utility outage, property damage, or combination of the two, real-time information-gathering improves response and repair outcomes. But first responder damage reports are typically difficult to manage on a smartphone.

The Solution

Our First Responder Report Viewer app makes it easy for authorized users (management, supervisors) in the field to view and manage portal-based information in a native application on their smartphone without the need for added software.

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