Crew Manager

Our utility Crew Tracker app is a tracking and location forecasting solution forecasts arrival and tracks and manages outside contractor crews and mutual aid crews.

Benefits include:

  • Track crews as they: accept a utility assignment; make their way to the utility work center or staging area; and remain there for the duration of the repair work or outage event.
  • Simplify and eliminate manual time sheet verification.
  • Automatically track and record crew/crew foreman location at configurable intervals (every 1 to 15 minutes).
  • Automatically reconcile contractor invoices and issue payment rapidly, eliminating much of the guesswork involved.


Utilities must estimate, request and manage outside crews during a storm event, to assist their own crews with repair and restoration.

The Problem

During storms, operations personnel must remain in constant contact with large numbers of contractor or mutual aid crews, to estimate their time of arrival “on property.” Once they arrive, it is nearly impossible to track and manage outside crews, since they are not visible on the utility’s systems. Finally, supervisors have little choice but to sign-off on time sheets, without being able to validate crew presence at the job location.

The Solution

Enter iRestore’s Crew Tracker app, a smartphone and web-based comprehensive tracking and location forecasting solution specifically designed for utilities to forecast arrival and track and manage outside contractor crews and mutual aid crews. The solution may also be used to track specialized crews, such as vegetation management/arborist crews, or night crews / outside crews at smaller utilities.

“Responding crews” or crew foremen download the app, pick the utility they are responding to, and then touch a single button, entitled “Start Job.” This turns on location tracking and enables utility users to view color-coded crews and/or crew foremen as they make their way to their assigned work center.

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